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Sexual Health Services In Redbridge

Due to Corona virus there have been slight changes in the Sexual Health Services avaliable to young people in Redbridge.  Sexual Health services at Queen's Hospital, Hainault Health Centre and Loxford Polyclinic are closed.  There are still services being offered at Outpatients East, Barking Community Hospital.  Opening times for services are 9-5 Monday - Friday.  Services are now appointment only and can be booked through the appointment booking line 020 8924 6674.

You can attend without an appointment if you are under 18, need emergency contraception or have been sexually assaulted.

Consent and hot chocolate!

We know some young people find the issue of consent difficult to understand.  Read our new and fun foolproof way to understanding it which can be found on our going all the way or not page in our R U Ready section.