Are You Ready?

There can be a lot of pressure to start having sex.

Maybe it seems that everyone else is talking about sex all the time.

Maybe you're in your first serious relationship.

Maybe you're just curious!

Having sex for the first time is a big deal for young men and for young women.

Imagine somebody gave you a brand new Lamborghini. All yours, all paid for. One catch - you only ever get this one and you need a co-driver. If you wreck it there's no going back. You wouldn't let just anybody take it out for a spin would you? You would want to make sure they'd take care of it, be responsible and safe and make sure no one gets hurt on the ride.

Having sex is a bit like that. You only ever get one first time and you should want it to be special, with somebody you trust, who won't hurt you or let you down and who will share responsibility with you by using contraception and condoms.

So make sure you are ready before you make any big decisions because you only get one first time.

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