Do I need EHC?

Do I need EHC?

It's a fact of life that accidents happen with contraception.

Perhaps you are on the Pill and forgot to take it?

Maybe you have been sick and you're wondering if the Pill will still work?

Possibly you were using a condom and something went wrong?

Maybe you have taken a risk and not used anything (a condom or being on the pill).

You can get pregnant any time you have unprotected sex, no matter what you might have heard – even if you're on your period, do it standing up, wash afterwards and yes - even if the guy pulls out!

If you're worried about having had unprotected sex and think you need EHC it's important to act quickly – you've got 72 hours, but the quicker you take it the better it works. If you are unsure if you need EHC you should talk to a pharmacist or doctor anyway.

EHC is free and confidential from any pharmacy displaying the EHC logo in the window. They won't tell anyone that you have used the service, even if you are under 16, and they won't judge you.

EHC is also available from family planning clinics and your doctor.