My Sexuality

Sex is not all about condoms and pills and STIs. People have sex because of all sorts of reasons. Many people do it because they enjoy it and it makes them feel good. For a lot of people it's about sharing an intimate experience with someone they care about. You shouldn't feel pressured into having sex if you don't enjoy it. Sex should be nice, exciting and safe and something that makes you experience pleasure.

Sexuality is all about how you experience sex and finding out what you like. Your sexuality is unique to you. Getting to the point where sex is great means finding out what you like, how you want to have sex and who you want to do it with. You can't figure out your sexuality by doing the same as everyone else or doing as you're told. It's all about how you feel. It may involve a bit of exploring, a bit of thinking and a bit of confidence.

Before getting to the sex part you also have to figure out when you want to have sex for the first time. Go to the Are You Ready? page to get advice on when the right time might be for you.

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