What do you like?

Finding out what you like

Magazines, the internet and TV shows are all full of sex. There are guides on how to spice up your love life, sex toys, tips to attract a partner and much, much more. Many young people also find out about sex through porn and other things found on the internet like chat forums. But it can leave you with more questions than you had before. What's normal and what's not? How often are people doing it? And what's THAT?!

Unfortunately there's no straight forward answer to all those questions. As everyone's different we all like doing different things. Don't think you have to do something because you've read or heard it is normal or something everyone does. Remember, you're unique.

Get to know yourself and your own body before you start having sex with other people. The first time you have sex with someone it is normal to be confused, nervous and even a bit scared. Even if a lot of people can find it awkward and weird, it helps to talk about sex with the person you're going to do it with. Do they actually know how far you want to go and what you like? Be honest with them and expect the same in return.


Most people start exploring their own body a long time before they have sex for the first time by masturbating. Both girls and boys do it, and it's really normal. People do it in a lot of different ways, some do it every day and others do it less often. It's also very normal to experience your first orgasm through masturbation. An extra bonus is that it's also the safest type of sex you can have.


An orgasm (aka coming) is the result of a build up and the release of sexual tension. It's usual to describe it as an intense feeling of pleasure. But orgasms can feel different each time and differs from person to person.

When boys come they usually ejaculate, while girls usually feel a pulsating feeling in the muscles around the vagina.

Some people, especially girls, can find it hard to 'come' during sex. It is possible to have a really nice sexual experience without getting an orgasm, so don't stress about it.